Pyro Musical Fireworks

Pyro Musical Fireworks for all special events.

Pyro Musical Fireworks

Pyro Musical fireworks (music and fireworks) are a fantastic and exciting combination. From our long standing experience this impressive spectacle is always well received by audiences whatever the occasion.

The stunning fireworks set with the rhythm of the music leaves our customers with wonderful memories for many years to come. From classical to pop music, we can choreograph to a sound track or a live orchestra.

You can either choose your own music or present us with a brief and we will create your Pyro Musical fireworks that will match and probably exceed your expectations.

FireByWire Firing system used to fire all our Pyro-musicals displays.

Pyro Musical Fireworks – FireByWire

All of our shows are electrically fired and we are employers of one of the finest computerised firing systems available – FireByWire. The software enables our designers to create a truly magical show offering split second timing, precision and a stunning visual often admired at some of the finest competitions and displays from around the world!

Watch the video of our 2014 entry in The British Musical Fireworks Championships in Southport.

Our own sound engineer can mix your sound track and compere your event if required.

Please see listed below just a few of our popular themed Pyro Musical fireworks displays you may want to consider for your event. For more information on prices and other exciting themes in our range please Contact Us.


Myth and Magic – 10 minutes duration

A stunning Pyro-Musical lifting you to another realm. Specially selected music from films such as The Lord Of The Rings, The Davinci Code, Practical Magic and more, taking you through a journey of emotions which you will never forget, culminating into a breathtaking finale track which will leave the ground you are standing on shaking. A master piece of pure magic!

Today’s Romance – 10 minutes duration

This beautiful choreographed piece of artistry will have you swaying too and fro in the arms of your loved one! A favourite with wedding couples and engagement parties with music specially chosen for it’s modern up tempo beat. Popular songs with a loving theme from Rihanna, Bruno Marrs and Beyonce all have their own specific colours and effects with a gorgeous ballard bringing a simply spine tingling finale to your show. A perfect end to your perfect day.

Back To The 80’s – 10 minutes duration

A nostalgic trip back in time with this interesting and colourful decade! A mixture of some of the best anthems of that era. Starting with the opening theme to Top Of The Pops, we looked back and chose the perfect mix with six of the best tracks that worked in harmony with the fireworks. Popular at corporate and other party functions, this Pyro-Musical will have you dancing away like you used to at your local disco! A fun spectacle filling the night sky with a barrage of colours, spectacular effects and a stunning finale that you will remember with great fondness. Just like the 80’s

Serenity – 10 minutes duration (Lower noise)

A beautiful masterpiece of pure magic. Previousy requested at hotels or venues that require displays to be designed to a lower noise specification. This perfect compliment of music and pyrotechnics will lift your heart, working beautifully with quieter, colour rich effects. From Enya and George Fenton to the not so well known composers such as Oystein Ramfjord, these compositions will touch you emotionally. Serenity says it all – gorgeous music and breathtaking fireworks. An experience you will never forget.

“Thank you for the fantastic fireworks display. As usual, it proved to be the highlight of the evening and has again drawn lots of great comments. This year’s display was the best yet.”

Coleshill Town Orchestra

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