With the busy season not too far away Solihull Fireworks are gearing up for yet another hectic period of professional firework displays and retail sales for Halloween, Diwali and of course Bonfire Night. We are particularly excited also as we’ll finally get to see the new range of products we selected earlier in the year, arriving over the coming weeks.

Our fireworks online brochure is vast again and all items can be purchased from the all year round shop also where we stock other high quality brands, including - Fireworks International, Jonathon’s, Total FX, Cosmic, Excelser, Sandling and Black Cat to name a few!

Completing our new Ultimate Collection from Fireworks International this year will be three huge single ignitions – Silver Cyclone Dragon, Grand Finale and Pandora’s Box. These 3 pieces offer exceptional quality with professional effects and are priced at the upper end of the scale for the true firework connoisseur looking to really thrill their audiences this November! These ignitions will not be available from our fireworks online catalogue but can be collected direct from our shop.

Silver Cyclone Dragon priced at £100.00 is a fantastic option where noise has to be kept to a minimum. With its fifty five second duration this cake produces 100 shots of lower noise effects, including - high rising twisting silver cyclones fired in chasing fans with colour tipped salvo finale. Grand Finale with its loud crackles and bursts also carries an rrp of £100.00 and performs for over thirty seconds with 70 shots of blue time rain mines to gold palm and red glitter willow, coloured dahlias, gold palm to green glitter yellow falling leaves with blue pistil and giant crackling willow.

If you have browsed through our fireworks online range you will have already noticed a number of high quality barrages and we feel that Pandora’s Box is a sure fire winner and will be up there with some of our big hitters over the season and beyond. It has a medium to loud noise level and the eighty seconds duration will amaze you with its whistling silver cyclones, mines, comets, salvoes of brocade comets and a spectacular in-built finale. This is the ultimate ending for any display and well worth the £150.00 price tag.

So, If you are planning an event over the next few months, why not take a look at our huge fireworks online products and videos that accompany the fireworks. We are also only a phone call away if you should require any help or advice and our team of professionals will be only too happy to help if you should visit us direct at our store. Our office number is 0121 733 3555 and we are open seven days a week.

After another couple of hectic months, we continue to provide our fantastic wedding firework display packages for our brides and grooms around various parts of the country, we thought it would be nice to recap on the day we fired at Ruth and Tom’s wedding reception which took place towards the end of July this year.

Over a number of telephone conversations earlier in the spring, Wendy – the mother of the bride, decided to go ahead with one of our popular packages which included the glowing red heart and initials set-piece, along with a push button start as a complete surprise for the happy couple.

The reception was to take place on private land near Stoke-on-Trent and when our wedding fireworks display manager Steve returned from the initial site visit all excited, we soon realised we had a great venue to work at with plenty of safety distance and the opportunity to really show off and serve the happy couple proud with a wide range of high calibre pyro. Straight away Steve assigned himself and his crew to be available for Ruth and Tom’s big day!

Setting off in glorious sunshine the team looked forward in anticipation on what was going to be another wonderful evening of entertainment for everyone. Unfortunately as soon as they arrived on site the rain started and continued falling even heavier throughout the rest of the set-up. This made the wedding fireworks difficult to rig up as it was being fired from a steep grassed bank making it extremely slippy and all firework sequences and lance work needed to be thoroughly water proofed also to have any chance of it performing precisely.

With the display set up and ready to go, it was actually Wendy in the end that pressed the first button to start the fireworks which included large calibre barrages, roman candles and a wonderful finale of sky filling mortar shells of various sizes and stunning effects. Despite the torrential downpour and conditions the set-piece and the rest of the wedding fireworks fired one hundred per cent and the newlyweds (the bride in her wellington boots) soon rushed over to the crew to thank them for a wonderful display. The father of the bride was also very impressed and had made a special effort to trudge across the muddy field and personally invite the Solihull Fireworks team over to the marquee for drinks later.

Once the show was de-rigged and cleared away Steve, Paul and Matt decided to take up the offer and visit the marquee where they were also treated to wedding cake and Wendy enthusing on how wonderful the fireworks were and how hard the lads had worked despite the very wet conditions.

After another successful evening, it was time to get home safely into the warm and dry, change out of their soaking wet clothes and collapse exhausted into bed – which was going to plan until Steve hit a huge puddle in the road and broke down in the middle of nowhere. Happy Days!

Wedding Firework Displays:

Fireworks Performance & Effects. Part Two

Our teams focus on fireworks performance and effects and the summer bank holiday is traditionally a busy time for Solihull Fireworks and this weekend will see many of our teams out at various hotels and venues firing wedding firework displays for our brides and groom customers. Once again, this month has seen us providing professional firework displays for many different events including corporate evenings, birthday parties and various wedding receptions.

In one of our recent articles we began to discuss the performance and various effects of the fireworks that our clients can expect to witness and enjoy in our shows and with this article we will be describing the others. If you are planning your special day and would like some more information about our range of packages and prices please visit our website and click through to our dedicated wedding firework displays page.

As previously mentioned roman candles, mines, fountains and gerbs all feature regularly in our display sequences. Making up the remainder of the content are large multi-shot barrages, mortar shells and set-pieces.

Multi-shot barrages - also known as cakes are manufactured in a number of different shapes and sizes and provide a multi-array of sky filling bursts and colour. They can perform very rapidly or over a slower duration depending on the amount of shots and fired either straight up or fanned out across the firing site. We also stock a lower noise version for venues that may have some noise concern issues.

When designing our range of wedding firework displays, mortar shells are always included especially in the finale where possible. Shells are generally the most spectacular and popular products which are launched from a large tube and climb hundreds of feet until they burst, filling the night sky with a huge kaleidoscope of beauty and colour. Heart shells, which burst into the shape of a gorgeous red heart are another fantastic addition from our display extras and are requested on a regular basis.

Set-pieces are a wonderful way to either start or finish your display and enhance your fireworks even more. A glowing red heart with your initials either side in your favourite colours have always been popular with our wedding firework displays as are special messages such as “Thank You” or “Congratulations” Exciting news for 2013 is the addition of a new set-piece - two entwined hearts with a beautiful fountain surround - which is sure to become a big attraction with our brides and grooms.

To view all these amazing effects please visit our YouTube channel which can be found on every page of our fireworks online website.

Time seems to pass us by so fast these days and it was only recently when discussing future plans for our fireworks for sale range that we realised this will be our fifth year we are selling products from our shop for the Bonfire Night season. With the summer holidays now upon us, it won’t be long before the children return to school ready for the autumn term. For those organising a fundraising Bonfire Night event, the first meeting for the PTA’s will be to discuss November’s planning and arrangements.

Although it may seem a while off yet, busy companies will have been planning “The Season” for a while now. This is no different for Solihull Fireworks and we actually started working on our fireworks for sale orders way back in February. With the industry so unpredictable, ordering the correct level of stock for later on in the year can be tough decision to make and very important in getting it right. Order too much and your left with money tied up in stock for what could be the next six to twelve months, order too little and your popular items sell out and could potentially see your customers looking elsewhere for their favourite items!

Over the coming weeks, the preparation and hard work that went on back in the winter months will see the first of our fireworks for sale stocks arriving off the high seas from China. Busy days at the stores will follow and the new products gracing our shelves and cabinets at our firework shop shortly after, ready for our customers to view, purchase and enjoy.

With us being a professional firework displays company with many years establishment, we are now open throughout the year as well as the run up to Bonfire Night. Consequently we have to carry an all year round licence. Retailers looking to be open for a short term only over the main season will have to apply for a licence which can be obtained from their local licensing authority or fire department. Fireworks for sale can only be sold over the following periods:

•On the first day of the Chinese New Year and three days preceding it.

•On the day of Diwali and the three days immediately preceding it.

•During the period beginning on the 15th October and ending the 10th November.

•During the period on the 26th December and ending on 31st December.

Applications for larger stores wishing to keep more than 2000kg of explosives should be made to HSE.

Please remember it is illegal to sell to anyone under the age of eighteen and you must not smoke in any room where there are fireworks, neither should you permit customers to do so either.

To find out more information on just some of our high quality products, please take a look at our fireworks online range found on our website. In the meantime, we look forward to hopefully seeing some of you very soon!

It’s been a glorious past few weeks and in particular July has been one of the warmest and driest months we have seen for a long time. The feel good factor is back, bbq’s dusted off and we can all finally spend some time enjoying ourselves in the back gardens again! Our fireworks shop has been noticeable busier over the past few weeks with many corporate firework displays being booked and our customers are using this lovely weather to celebrate special occasions with the long, warm evenings now upon us.

Corporate Firework Displays

Solihull Fireworks perform corporate firework displays across the Midlands.

Solihull Fireworks have also been busy providing a number of corporate firework displays for businesses looking to reward their staff and customers at organised summer balls and special functions - a great way of getting everyone together to relax and enjoy a fantastic night of entertainment.

One of our most recent displays was for the company Bosch Electricals – the engineering and house hold electrical giant, whose products include automotive components, industrial products and consumer goods, including household appliances and power tools - boasting a worldwide work force of around 303,000 staff!

The show itself was larger than usual and had to be carefully designed to a lower noise spec due to the venues location next to the fields of wild deer and other livestock. Many of our corporate firework displays require the company’s logo in the form of a set piece, but this time a huge "THANK YOU" alongside a smiley face was to be lit up as the finale to the evening.

The rest of the display was left down to our design team to use their expertise in providing a stunning spectacle which would complement Bosch’s anniversary function even further and wow all their guests attending. The six minute duration lent the opportunity to incorporate a large amount of firework content which consisted of large roman candle fanned sequences; huge multi shot barrages and mega slices spreading spectacularly across the full width of the firing site.

As with many of our corporate firework displays, the audience was buoyant throughout and once the final lances of the set pieces had gently faded away, our firing crew received a massive round of applause and pleas for “MORE” After being rather pleased with ourselves, we de-rigged, cleared up and set about planning and looking forward to our next event. In the following days the office received this very complimentary "thank you" email from the venues Events Co-Ordinator.

"Our client was delighted with the fireworks last Friday and has asked if I could pass on their sincere thanks for a great performance. On a personal note, can I just say it's always great to work with you and all your staff, you always deliver and never have any issues. Thanks for being the professionals I expect at my events!

To find out more about our corporate firework displays, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Friday, 19 July 2013
With another gorgeous weekend just ahead of us, Solihull Fireworks are preparing for another busy weekend of performing professional firework displays for large public concerts and several different events and celebrations. As well as providing beautiful shows for our newly wed customers, we are particularly excited to be involved in a brand new public extravaganza – Hockley Heath’s “Proms in the Park”

Having worked with the resident group for well over two decades on their highly successful Bonfire Night celebrations, we have been invited, alongside other local businesses to help launch this latest, public spectacle, which will hopefully be a date in many people’s diary for years to come!

Our designers have spent many hours choreographing the sequences to the chosen pieces of music, which will see two very different professional firework displays merging into a spectacular finale, and after many months of meetings, planning and the recent spell of warm weather, tickets have been selling well and it is now more than likely that tomorrow night is heading for a sell-out.

The gates will open at 6.30pm with the opportunity to bring food and drinks and relax in the gorgeous evening sunshine on a rug or a chair. A bbq stall will be selling the usual delights of burgers, hot dogs and steaks with the bar open for adults to purchase beers, lagers, wines, spirits and soft drinks. The band commences with the music at 8pm and the professional firework displays will be fired at 10pm to coincide with the concerts final performance of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.

Warwickshire band – The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and The West Midlands Police Band will be performing the live music, with guest vocalists joining in medleys of The Seekers, Carpenters and the all-time classics of Abba. The audience will also participate by waving flags and clapping along to the nation’s favourites of Jerusalem, Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory.

Bandmaster Barney Barnes is providing a play list which will appeal to the whole audience with a series of classic favourites and familiar marches alongside popular tracks for the youngsters to dance along to also. Our professional firework displays set to the 1812 Overture will bring a spectacular and memorable finale to the evening and hopefully secure another fantastic evening of entertainment for its return to the park next summer.

Hockley Heath Parish Council and the Residents Association who are organising the Proms will be donating the proceeds of the event to improving the wooded area of the recreation ground and to create an outdoor area to include story trees, zip wires and picnic tables. Donations will also be made to the Army Benevolent Fund and to Care of Police Survivors (COPS)

Tickets can still be brought on the day and the prices are as follows: Adults - £17.50, Under 18s - £10.00, Under 5’s – FREE. Please contact us for more details.
Hockley Heath Residents, the Parish Council and Solihull Fireworks very much look forward to seeing you there tomorrow evening!

Solihull Fireworks supply fireworks for weddings and recently for Claire and Russell’s special day. After receiving the booking last year, our display team finally got to work their magic and fire the show in front of the happy couple and the rest of the wedding guests last weekend.

From their very first enquiry, Claire had wanted to include some special requests into the design of the display. First of all, due to the hotels health and safety guidelines, the show had to be performed in a lower noise specification and to one of the couple’s favourite pieces of music – Take That’s “Rule the World". These fireworks for weddings are a popular choice for wedding fireworks and Pyro Musicals.

Also a sequence of fountains needed to be introduced at the start to coincide with the opening line of the track “You light the skies above me”. A single mine effect to be launched at the point of “A star so bright, you blind me”

Finally, chosen from our popular Display Extras range, Claire had asked for their initials C & R to be lit up surrounding a gorgeous, glowing red heart. Again to be fired near the start. Once all ideas had been considered, the rest was down to our designers to create a stunning wedding fireworks visual that was going to thrill the bride and groom and all their loved ones watching.

Our four man firing crew of Steve, Paul M, Matt and Chris arrived at the hotel’s stunning grounds early evening and started to rig up the fireworks in gorgeous sunshine and temperatures of nearly thirty degrees! The sequences were set up in five seats of fire and spread across the site to gain extra width and maximum viewing pleasure. As well as the hearts and initials, another star set piece was erected high, again to correspond with the lyrics of the song around half way through.

As with all wedding fireworks, the display team and our sound engineer were set up in plenty of time for when the sun had finally set and the beautiful night sky was upon us. Once the newlyweds and all the guests were ready and waiting excitedly outside, we started the fireworks right on cue with the music. And what a start! The first effects which included all of the special requests fired perfectly, which set the tone for the rest of the Pyro Musical.

The whole show flowed majestically and in particular the “star” set piece illuminated the dark back drop perfectly in time with the music. We received plenty of ooh’s and ahh’s throughout and once the breath taking finale of large multi shot barrages, huge fanned slices and gorgeous roman candles had slowly faded, the team received a massive round of applause.

Our team was delighted with the result and when the wedding co-ordinater announced that the whole of the reception had thoroughly enjoyed it and Claire was overcome with tears, it provided the perfect end to another perfect day!

The summer months are always a perfect time to arrange an outside party for a special occasion. Buy fireworks online cheap to help you celebrate. Have your family and friends around and make this a very enjoyable time indeed. There’s simply nothing better than relaxing in the garden, sitting around a bbq and chatting away the evening hours with your invited guests.

Once the warmth of the sun has cooled and the embers of the bbq are dying down, a fantastic way to remember the day even more so is to have some fireworks as a finale to your evening. Having become very popular over the last few years, we are now seeing an increase in customers purchasing from our fireworks online range over the summer months for this very reason.

Solihull Fireworks have a vast number of products which suit everybody’s needs and budgets. As well as a number of new items arriving shortly, we are pleased to announce that all the old favourites and popular brands will still be available and our lower noise range will continue to grow. These fireworks are more than suitable where some noise may be an issue – especially if you have pets at home or you want to show consideration to your neighbours.

Our large 13” Lunar cones are a quieter effect and are purchased regularly from our fireworks online brochure for couples celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary. These beautiful, long lasting gold or silver fountains are a must with their jets of sparks starting at ground level, gradually becoming more intense throughout and rising high to eventually reach its full potential of the height of a house! – all this for a very reasonable £17.99.

Silver Flying Fish is another big seller and often used in our lower noise professional firework displays. With an RRP of £12.99, its 20 shots of silver shoals of fish swimming in the sky will look gorgeous in your back garden. This multi-shot barrage will sadly no longer feature in our fireworks online brochure however can still be purchased from our fireworks shop direct.

Moving up the price scale at £30.99, Cap’n Jakes Treasure Chest proved to be a winner when it was introduced two years ago with its 240 shots of colour and excitement and superb finale. This large cake can also be collected direct from us if required.

So, if you’re planning a garden party in the coming months or just feel like getting some of your friends round for a get-together and want to create a lovely end to your evening, please take a look at our website and visit our fireworks online page to see the many different products that are available.

One of the most frequently asked questions when couples are enquiring about wedding firework displays is “What can we expect to see in our show?”. Of course, it’s easy for us to respond with a long winded explanation of firework terms and pyrotechnic talk as we have worked in the industry for many years. However for an excited future bride and groom planning their pre nuptials it’s very often the first (and hopefully the last time) they will ever have to arrange and book professional firework displays.

Planning your big day takes a lot of organisation and expense, so it’s only natural you will want to know what you are getting for your money. In this article we will be explaining your wedding firework displays content and the beautiful effects you can expect to be witnessing in front of your very own eyes.

Our high quality stocks are sourced and carefully chosen from around the world to ensure customers get to view the very finest pyrotechnics. Category 4 material is featured in all shows and is for professional use only – the general public are only allowed to purchase products up to Category 3, so consequently you will get to enjoy fireworks often admired at larger public events.

Once a display package and wedding venue has been booked, our team of experts can then start to work on designing your wedding firework displays sequences. The many types of fireworks incorporated include – mines, roman candles, fountains, multi shot barrages (cakes), mortar shells and on occasions fire writing set pieces.

Roman candles are traditionally positioned to create a fanned or cross over visual, contain large colour stars which fire at regular intervals and are usually designed in pairs, threes or fives. Larger candles can contain bombettes – smaller shells rather than stars. Mines – a one shot lower level effect, fired from a mortar tube ejects a column of stars into the sky and also contain small shells, serpents and small reports which feature regularly in our wedding firework displays and are very effective in pyro musicals for perfect timing of cues choreographed to musical scores.

Fountains also known as gerbs produce a beautiful jet of sparks with a duration of between fifteen to sixty seconds. Colours range from Gold, through to a moderately bright yellow to a dazzling white and are often chosen in displays to compliment a glowing red heart and initials set piece, highlight a favorite colour or promote the happy couples wedding theme.

More articles regarding other firework types and effects will be appearing very soon so please visit our news page over the next few weeks to find out more. If you are planning your special day and should require any further information about our gorgeous display packages, you can either visit our fireworks online website or why not give us a call on the office number and speak with one of our friendly members of staff who are always happy to help.

As well as providing amazing professional firework displays for many events nationwide, Solihull fireworks stock a large range of fireworks for sale in birmingham, both online or direct from our all year round shop. We are based at 353 Haslucks Green Road, Shirley, Solihull, nr Birmingham, B90 2NG, very handily located, making it very easy for you to reach us.

As discussed in previous articles, our number of products will continue to grow this year, complementing further the popular fireworks we have sold in recent times. As a trusted local business, it has always been our priority to sell high quality items, offering total customer satisfaction and building a long term relationship with our existing clients as well as new customers visiting us for the very first time.
Our fireworks for sale range will now include even more multi shot barrages and single ignitions, which is sure to please our regulars! Fine & Dandy is destined to be a hit with its 18 shots and 35 seconds of stunning blue bursts with a light crackling, changing palms and time rain effects – all this for a very reasonable £17.99. Moving up a few notches is Vampire Fire – a fanned barrage with 54 Z firing effects including brocades, white strobe, blue and lemon bursts with time rain, all fired over 40 seconds with an RRP of £54.99, making it a great addition to any celebration.

Ticking Time Bomb is another single ignition making an introduction to our fireworks for sale collection and to the 500 shot family also. Always a big seller because of the amount of bursts and variety on offer, this cake will produce 100 seconds of multicolour comets, crackling comets, whistles, changing to coloured palms, star bursts and time rain, creating a superb long lasting display with its wide array of colours and effects. At £69.99 this is sure to give similar fireworks already out there some serious competition, including one of our old favourites - Masters of the Universe.

We will be posting even more details about our 2013 products and the rest of our fireworks for sale range to our news page over the coming weeks, but in the meantime, if you should require any further information, please visit our fireworks online website or why not come down and see us at the shop where our team of experts will be on hand to help and advise you on the most suitable items for your special occasion. You can also watch Solihull Fireworks’ videos on our YouTube channel from the comfort of your own home.

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