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Our professional firework display packages cover all types of special events and occasions, including: wedding fireworks, corporate functions, large public events, Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve and school summer proms to name but a few. Our design team which has over three decades of experience, can also accommodate customers who may have their own specific budget in mind enabling us to create your very own unique show.

Professional Fireworks for all special events and occasions.

Professional Fireworks Displays

Corporate firework displays – Start from £895.00

No upper price limit. Company logos can be reproduced and certain colour themes incorporated into our firework display packages if required. Previous displays performed for Wimpy Homes, Peugeot, JLR, Audi Group, BBC, Bosch Electrical and Virgin Group. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve - Start from £2000.00
BOOK EARLY! We get booked up years in advance by some clients. Recommended duration is around 15-20 minutes. School and company logos can be reproduced and a display can be fired in two halves – first half a quieter, colourful and pretty show for younger children and the second a larger more intense visual to include bigger calliber fireworks and effects throughout, building towards a spectacular sky filling finale. Our firework display packages are very flexible.

Pyro Musicals – Start from £1250.00
Now very popular at weddings and corporate firework displays. Choose your own sound track and present us with a brief or take a look at some of our very own exciting themed Pyro Musicals. Our sound engineer can mix your musical choices and compere your event if required.

Other firework display packages – Including corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries and summer balls.
As mentioned earlier, you do not have to choose from the above packages. We can cater for any budget (minimum £895.00) for any occasion and most venues. There is no upper limit to budgets. Please enquire through our online form or call our office number – 0121 733 3555

All activities we are involved in carry ten million public liability insurance. Our displays are all fired digitally for maximum viewing pleasure and safety. All venues and firing sites are subject to a site survey and thorough risk assessment once a booking has been made. Our firing crews are highly experienced and fully trained to both the British Pyrotechnics Association qualifications - Firer and Senior Firers.

Wedding Firework Displays

Breath-taking Wedding Fireworks for your big day.

Wedding Fireworks

Having held the price on all wedding packages for 2021, we have also added some exciting offers. Please click the link at the bottom of the page for more details.

Hogarths Solihull Hotel Packages - Please click here

Love Package £895.00 - Regularly chosen for weddings and civil ceremonies, our Love firework display packages are a larger show lasting 7 minutes. A kaleidoscope of rich, vibrant colours, elegant roman candle crossover formations presented perfectly to a stunning array of multi shot effects throughout. A thrilling shell bursting finale illuminating high into the night sky will create a gorgeous ending to your evening. Duration 5 minutes.

Forever Package £995.00 - A hugely popular exhibition of fireworks representing excellent value for money. Creatively designed and fired with greater intensity to incorporate larger pyrotechnic effects, exciting sequences and a huge spectrum of wonderful colours. Let us inspire you and your guests with this amazing spectacular. See Testimonials page for previous customers comments. Duration 7 minutes.

Eternity Package £1250.00 - Experience a collection of our finest fireworks from around the world lighting up the sky with our full complement of breath taking effects and design experience. A pulsating show piece that will impress and leave you all with some of the most wonderful memories of your special day for years to come. This display is rapidly fired digitally for maximum viewing pleasure. Duration 8 minutes.

Platinum Package £1500.00 - Let us amaze you with our gorgeous Platinum display perfect for the connoisseur that appreciates a sky full of pyrotechnics beauty. Designed to incorporate our full repertoire of premium fireworks and effects. A wonderful artistic extravaganza for your very special day. Visit our Display Extras page and see how you can enhance your show even further. Duration 9 minutes.

Diamond Package £2000.00+ - A simply breath taking spectacle from our finest fireworks range. The Diamond firework display packages are carefully tailored to include all special requests and Display Extras. Watch in awe as you stand arm in arm surrounded by all of your loved ones as we leave you with the most unforgettable memories of the happiest day of your life. Visit our Testimonials page for previous customer comments. Duration 10 minutes.

*All displays from our firework display packages are fired digitally and can be performed in a lower noise specification if required.

For more information about our professional firework displays, please call us on the office number 0121 733 3555, email us via our online form or why not visit us at our all year round fireworks shop.

Wedding Fireworks - Exciting special offers available. Click here to find out more..

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